You’ve been dead a long time..

Perez Hilton has his tongue so far up a guys ass I’m not surprised he is always talking shit.

Destiny Original Concept Art - “World Building”

When we began to mix fantasy with sci-fi, we explored a different centre of our world. A spaceship.”

Destiny Original Concept Art - “Mythic Science Fiction”

"We couldn’t shake the lure of Sci-fi"

Destiny Original Concept Art - “Fantasy”

"One of the first versions of Destiny explored was a Fantasy world"

Official Destiny Gameplay Reveal Video


I was recently told an American footballer would flat out kill an Australian footballer and that American Football is the “toughest sport in the world
I laughed at the 12 minutes of action and all the bubble wrap and padsin American Football and I just…. AFL and Rugby !
This is how Australian and new Zealanders play.

I have a Destiny Ghost Edition coming from Amazon and I’m still trying to decide the great Australian international order question. Which shipping speed do I select?

Why is this difficult?
Because I had another special edition that came from the U.S and it took less than 24 hours for it to get from the U.S to Australia BUT then it took OVER A WEEK AND A HALF to get from Sydney to Adelaide and do I want to pay an extra $15-$20 when it won’t make much difference when it gets here?
Our postal service is a joke and the head honcho of Australia Post pays himself 4 million dollars a year.

500 million dollar budget

endless things to do

a whole solar system to explore

a living breathing universe

synchronized dancing on a lamp post.

game of the year 2014