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bah just went outside to see what I could see but it’s too cloudy. Just started raining, in fact.

It just ended here, it was impressive. Not overly red though.

If you go on social media and complain about being spoiled about a television show that is portraying events in a 14 year old book because you couldn’t stay off social media you need a swift punch to the throat. What did you expect, honestly?

Twilight blood red Moon for eastern Australia › News in Science (ABC Science)

Gene Roddenberry: Star Trek was an attempt to say that humanity will reach maturity and wisdom on the day that it begins not just to tolerate, but take a special delight in differences in ideas and differences in life forms. […] If we cannot learn to actually enjoy those small differences, to take a positive delight in those small differences between our own kind, here on this planet, then we do not deserve to go out into space and meet the diversity that is almost certainly out there
JJ Abrams: lets just... lets just bLOW UP vulcan and commit genocide

4.01 // 4.02

— Anonymous: how the fuck did you like joffrey he's so awful and just gross and ugh i hate him so much, even now that he's dead HAHAHHAA HE'S FUCKING DEAD

Okay ? That’s nice.

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what they really thought

w  a  r    i  s    w  a  r ; 

but killing a man at a wedding? horrid.
what sort of m o n s t e r, would do such a thing?

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I’m no lady, Your Grace.