Finally took the time to watch the first episode of Shield Season 2 and I get ridiculously happy when Lucy Lawless pulls out the Xena accent.

Nobody cares how fast you reblogged something or that you couldn’t scroll past or how it doesn’t matter if a post doesn’t fit in with your blog, you’ll reblog it anyway like a fucking “hero” or all the other pointless commentary you add to other people’s posts.

Just stop.



How to make Groot cupcakes.


Grand Final day.
Our teams may not have made it but that doesn’t mean we can’t choose a side.
My money is on….

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Grand final day! Melbourne putting on some decent weather:o Bring on 2:30pm

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South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute

This new facility, designed by Woods Bagot, is meant to jumpstart the state’s international medical science efforts and provide the city of Adelaide with its own architectural icon.

RIP Loot Cave

The River Torrens - Adelaide

The River Torrens is the most significant river of the Adelaide Plains and was one of the reasons for the siting of the city of Adelaide, capital of South Australia.


Dear Matchmaking DUMBASSES.

If we are in a Strike together, in a No Respawn zone and TWO of us need to be revived and continue to take fire, do not be a moron and attempt to revive us.

After fighting a Strike boss for sometimes a VERY LONG TIME and two people need to be revived, if you attempt to revive them and you yourself DIE, FUCK YOU BUDDY. There is nothing wrong with hiding and keeping yourself alive.
**If there are people out there who refuse to respawn themselves because they lose ammo, well fuck you, you don’t get revived.

Use some common sense. I am not fighting a Strike boss down to almost no health for a fucking moron to be a hero.